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cellular healing recipe: the most amazing delicious chicken…. ever.

no lie. this is the most delicious, easy and versatile chicken recipe ever… adapted from a cook’s illustrated recipe a friend shared with me years ago. it’s simply delicious as is, but if you’re feeling fancy, you can stuff lemon slices, garlic, thyme or rosemary under the skin…. or top it with your favorite sauce or pesto (mine’s pistachio mint). i also like to make extra to use later in the week (to either speed up future dinners or ensure lunch left overs). hope you enjoy!

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the most amazing delicious chicken… ever

time: 35-45 minutes, serves 4

  • 2 large whole bone-in, skin-on, organic chicken breasts, rinsed and patted dry with paper towels and trimmed of excess fat
  • kosher salt
  • ground pepper
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil, solid/room temperature
  • 1 tbsp grapeseed oil


  • adjust oven rack to middle position; heat oven to 450 degrees.
  • line the bottom of a roasting pan with foil and place pan rack on top. if you don’t have a roasting pan, you can use a regular baking dish.
  • in a small bowl, mix 1/2 tsp of salt with the coconut oil until well combined.
  • sprinkle underside of chicken breasts with salt and pepper. gently loosen the skin and (using a small spoon) smear the salt/coconut oil mixture under the skin evenly.
  • drizzle grapeseed oil over the skin and sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper.
  • set chicken breasts on the pan (or in the baking dish), propping them up on the rib bones.
  • roast approximately 30-40 minutes – until the thickest part of the chicken breast reads 160 degrees. depending on the size of the breasts, i’ll start checking for doneness at 25 minutes.
  • when done, let chicken rest for 5 minutes (to ensure ultimate juiciness).
  • cut and serve while warm.


cellular healing diet: pre-made sauces

of course, making your own sauce is ideal — and i have recipes for great chd sauces that i’ll share in the future, but more times than i’d like to admit, i find myself with 15 minutes to throw dinner together before my husband gets home with our two hungry turkeys. so when pressed for time, my go-to sauce solutions are…

rao’s tomato and basil marinara… tossed with steamed or roasted spaghetti squash for me and organic, non-gmo pasta for others. topped with raw parmesan and served with a side of steamed green beans or broccoli (purchased pre-washed and cut). picky eaters can go super simple with buttered pasta and parm — and i typically toss the steamed veggies with a small amount of coconut oil or grass-fed butter and sea salt. if i have a few extra minutes or feel like mixing it up, i’ll brown spicy italian turkey sausage before adding the sauce or serve it over steamed zucchini noodles (for me).

although rao’s is pricier than most, it’s tasty and free of canola oil. it’s also available at most grocery stores — although i typically buy it at whole foods because they carry everything else listed above too (e.g. raw parm, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, etc.)

the sassy indian red curry… mixed with black beans, free-range chicken and steamed or roasted veggies (i like cauliflower and green beans) — or now that i’m on a modified version of the cellular healing diet, mixed with black beans, roasted sweet potatoes and topped with scrambled eggs. this is one of my favorite quick meals, and i usually save it for nights when i’m parenting solo or we’re making “breakfast for dinner”. when parenting solo it’s easy to throw together a cheese quesadilla, reserve a few veggies and  rinse berries for the kids. “breakfast for dinner” goes something like: scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, toast or turkey bacon and fruit. you probably guessed that you can also find this sauce at whole foods 😉

if you have any questions or have a favorite pre-made sauce you’d like to share, leave a comment below. thanks!

❤ kristin



those cheeks kill me


building math skills


  • “skunks say “peee-eeeww! sorrrry! i didn’t mean to! excuse me!”
  • (after counting to 87) “mommy, is that how many you are old?”
  • “i used to be scared of leprechauns, but now i am not.” (comparing today to yesterday)


  • “i love you”
  • “oh no!”
  • “hot dog” (said with a super-proud grin after watching (and dancing to) the hot dog song on mickey mouse’s club house)

cellular healing diet

at whole foods today i watched 2 women scanning labels — looking for peanut butter made from valencia peanuts. then i heard one say to the other, “i just buy mine from trader joe’s”.  i later saw them reviewing stevia labels and thought “hmmm… i would bet my savings that these women are on the cellular healing diet”.  i’d know because 6 months ago i was standing in the exact same aisle (we only have 2 whole foods in columbus), scanning the same labels — feeling annoyed, discouraged, frustrated… and hungry!

so i’m thinking this blog could be  a new resource for others following the cellular healing diet… a source of information, encouragement and support.

i’ll share in another post why i’m following this diet. And if you’re not familiar with the cellular healing diet, you can read more about it — and download the free ebook, here.